When The Bad Words Aren't Bad Enough

by King Everything



All 20 songs from this album were written and recorded in 12 hours. From start to finish. With nothing written beforehand, and no editing afterward. Each of the twenty songs is inspired by, and usually named after, one of the Twenty Universal Laws.


released July 6, 2012



all rights reserved


King Everything Lockport, New York

Loud & quiet; odd & ordinary; mysterious & straightforward; vague & clear; joyous & angry; fast & slow; messy & organized; simple & complicated; succinct & wordy; energetic & lackadaisical; continuous & disjointed; hopeless & rosy; new & familiar.

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Track Name: Balance
balance in the drawer / harmony restored / i’m a mix of violence and everything else you get / do not ask me why / if you go i will surely die / i can’t go on / i can’t go on / i just can’t go on / i dreamt of you last night / before the bugs could bite / i dreamt of you today / i planned to run away
Track Name: Reincarnation
reincarnation / bread for the elephants / did you really think part of the plan was to be number one? / it all moves so fast / it’s hard to make the good things last and last / it’ll match your needs based on your words and deeds / did you really think part of the plan was to be number one? / it all moves so slow / it’s hard to make the bad things go y’know / escape these walls / karma resolved
Track Name: Wisdom
wisdom ate the pig before she knew what she did / we’re learning best through pain despite the bells they rang / i’d have gone through the rain / i’d’ve smiled through the pain / sad for what she did, she wrote this to the pig / i would apologize, if i could see your eyes
Track Name: Grace, Love, and Mercy
grace, love, and mercy return to me / ma / i said roz / i need a job
Track Name: Soul Evolution
it’s just a soul evolution / it’s not like the sky’s gonna fall / it’s not / we solved it before your solution / the bum won the gun from the(m)all / i know you know / you know i know / it’s just a soul evolution / stand on your feet and be proud / this one is better than ever / but this one is not on the house
Track Name: Bodhisattva
i don’t need these earthly things / yet i’m here trying to sing / everybody follow me so that we can all be free / i’m sure you remember all we’ve done / are we done? / can we still play out in the rain or is it time to run? / you never close your eyes anymore when i kiss your lips / you never play out in the rain / the two things i miss / i miss
Track Name: Vibrational Attainment
hello darkness, my old friend / it’s kinda nice to have you back again / mr. moonlight on the wall / i pull the blind / he won’t see us at all / vibrational attainment / energy can’t die / sensational arrangement / cuz neither then can i / the tree follows me to the sea / the key to everything’s the energy
Track Name: Free Will
feel as light as a kite tonight / everything will be alright / if all you did was stand and stare / everything would be alright / you know me a bit i guess / just enough to break our hearts / i love the way your mouth’s a mess / the way free will just falls apart / she spent her last quarter randomly / as if she did it every night / she stopped the world and just stared at me / so everything would be alright
Track Name: Are One
we are one / we are god / we don’t like to be wrong / you don’t mind things in your eyes / i’m all sixes and sevens and nines / a crow on a boat is all i know / it’s all i know / look out below / you don’t see me any other way / you don’t like me any other way / when the water gets rough / and the bad words aren’t bad enough / you can smile while i float / smile and know the crow, the boat
Track Name: Manifestation
i wanna know where you were when i called / i wanna know where you were / you knew i was blue when i called / you knew i was blue / our ideas become beliefs / our beliefs become reality / so let me close my eyes and think: take off your dress and send it to me
Track Name: Conscious Detachment
what is just is / whether or not you want it / what is just is / there’s not much you can do about it / you get a moment to do / to float through all of this / they say it’s called conscious detachment, but i don’t know what that is / smile and grin / at the change all around me / put screws to the moon / rearrange, but know it’s folly
Track Name: Gratitude
i’m giving you everything cuz i’ve heard it’ll come back to me / but just in case that shit’s not true / please keep it safe for me / could you read that book to me? / give and you shall receive / i’m giving you everything cuz i’ve heard it’ll come back to me / but just in case that shit’s not true / please keep it safe for me / when you help others / you help yourself / that’s why i’m busy helping everybody else
Track Name: Fellowship
gather round my house now
Track Name: Resistance
i want you to think about all the things you said / how you wished me dead / i hope you remember right / with the story you tell / how i wished you well / there’s not much you can do cuz what you resist you draw to you / i can’t help but think about that little boy / the boy with the coin
Track Name: Attraction
i wanted to know / i needed to know / i’d read in a book somewhere how far the stars go / i couldn’t recall / can you recall? / i’m sure i told you cuz i tell you all / all i know / these things are attractive to me / these things / they really are / these things are attracted to me / like the moon, the sun, the planets, and the stars
Track Name: Reflection
do you see yourself in me? / i know you do / cuz i see myself in you / yeah i do / i don’t like what i see and neither do you / what should we do? / we stare at the floor bored / with nothing to do / nothing new / nothing to do / nothing new
Track Name: Unconditional Love
get sick / get well / get home to hell / you don’t really know what you want / you don’t really know what you got / get home / no nurse / surprise / it’s worse / then love comes / do you remember how it would feel? / no strings / no conditions / don’t make no deals / don’t stir the pot / as you were / to rot / red wine / take the rest / on time / burn the test
Track Name: Magnetic Affinities
i gotta know what i’m gonna do long before i’ve been born / don’t make any sense / made me feel dense when i learned what’s all in store / sat on a chair / i felt really scared weeding through what’s barely there / a pocket of gold / naked and cold / shakety-shake and gasping for air / a gallon of duck and soap on a rope / deciding on a life unknown / a pretty smile and a change of clothes / shakety-shake / my life’s unknown
Track Name: Abundance
it’s all right here
Track Name: Divine Order
everything is as it should be / there’s no accidents / the captain happily tells us / it’s all making sense / but if you think for a minute of escaping / don’t / the law of divine order tells me you won’t