By the Chill of the Aquamarine Stars

by King Everything



King Everything is participating in the 12in12x12 project. 12 brand new songs written and recorded in 12 hours. This is the January 2013 album of 12 songs.



released January 23, 2013

Playing on the whole album...
Bass: Aaron Balko
Everything else: Jim Mendola

Drums on Tracks 2, 4, 6, 10, and 11: Éverton Gabriel Muniz

Album cover: Kristine Potter



all rights reserved


King Everything Lockport, New York

Loud & quiet; odd & ordinary; mysterious & straightforward; vague & clear; joyous & angry; fast & slow; messy & organized; simple & complicated; succinct & wordy; energetic & lackadaisical; continuous & disjointed; hopeless & rosy; new & familiar.

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Track Name: Keep Me
Keep me happy. Keep me safe. Keep me gently afloat.
Keep my records all up to date. Keep me on my toes.
Keep me guessing. Keep me clear. Keep me close by your side.
Keep me interested. Keep me here. Chill. Content. Alive.
Keep me quiet. Keep me warm. Keep me open all day.
Keep me smilin'. Keep me informed. Keep me hopin' away.
Keep me frozen, frozen in time. In your thoughts and in mine.
Keep me company til they arrive. Chill. Content. Alive.
Keep me honest. Keep me safe, secretly hidden inside.
Keep me on edge, wanting more. Chill. Content . Alive.
Track Name: Don't Say a Word
Don't say a word
Don't make it worse
No one believes a word
of your happy monsters and your fiery curse
Don't move so fast
Enjoy the past
Let's just relax
with your paraffin hand wax and your waves of glass
Please don't explain
Never explain
Don't spread your pain
just let it die inside, hide your eyes
By the beat of the drum
By the rhythm of lies
You can dance or just sit still
it's all the same you'll realize
Track Name: Let It Be Okay
I can't stop the waves
Can't steer the trains
Let them do the same
As they did yesterday
I can't make this change
I can't be a pain
I gotta find the way
And let it be okay
I might eat the jelly from the jar
By the chill of the aquamarine stars
I spin around the sun
I do it just for fun
You should do the same
And let it be okay
Track Name: We Share the Sky
There's another world on the other side of the world.
There's another world right next door.
There's another sign on the other side of the sign
There's another sign

Calliandra and I couldn't live more far apart,
but we share the stars. We share the sky.
Sitting by the stars playing our guitars.
No drama, no games. We share the sky.
Track Name: Extend My Love
Extend my hand
Receive your hand
Extend my love to the world
Track Name: That Poor Monster
That poor monster
He can't afford to lose
A little bit insane
A little bit of boo!
He's angry at the world
For setting up his doom
Thirty miles north
He's waiting for the moon

That poor monster
He keeps looking down
The cruel winter
It don't provide a sound
They test their limits
And hum a silent tune
That poor monster
He's angry at the moon
Track Name: Calliandras Bloom in Waves
Calliandra smiles and waves
As the smoke clears from her face
The garden's her favorite place
Where calliandras bloom in waves
I am you are me
Despite your plans to be
I am you are me
Whoever we plan to be

Calliandra doesn't care
If it is, it must be fair
She takes what comes her way
And smiles through the day
I am you are me
Despite your plans to be
I am you are me
Whoever we plan to be

Calliandra smiles all day
She takes what comes her way
She lies in her favorite place
Where calliandras bloom in waves
Track Name: Even Fires Die
This won't always be
Even fires die
This won't matter in the end
Neither then will I
This too shall pass away
My right cheek's ready now
Prepare to make me proud
I see the family working hard
But even fires die
This too shall pass away
Track Name: No High Highs
Let the dinner simmer
We all can stand to wait
You think it's funny, honey?
You better watch your plate

I keep the levels level
Even hot is cool
But if you think we're even
You might just be the fool
Track Name: No Low Lows
Time travel, time travel, do what it takes til I've found you.
Sit by the chill of the aquamarine stars around you.
No low lows.
No low lows.
Everything that you have said or implied makes me doubt you.
Smile and grin at the changes that are all around you.
No low lows.
No low lows.
Track Name: Just Barely
I mind my own business
'cuz I can only change me
And even then, just barely
You'd be hard pressed to see
The change in me
Don't worry, baby
Track Name: Just Smile
If you want to see
Where you stand with me
It's easy
Just smile
That's all